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T H E M A     R Ü C K B L I C K
​Hi guys,

I'm trying to swap the entire front end of mine M140i and doing a swap to the F22 front end, and everything is ok a part headlights (both LED).

I'm trying to coding them but I have some problems with softwares compatibility probably. I have tried to coded them, but they still blinking and not propreprly work. All is updated to 20-11 and all coded with my old and try at least the F22 VO. ISTA doesn't allow me to teach the headlight (I don't have the function). Why?

I need a VO Coding for production date etc...?

High beam position: work only the angel eyes
Low beam position: nothing work
Turn indicator work.
Daylight position: the parable of low beam blink every 1 second
Autolight position: nothing work.
Motor position search at key on: work

Any suggestion?