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T H E M A     R Ü C K B L I C K
Hi everyone:


I am new to this forum and I have an E-36 M3 for 24-hour races. In my car I have the original brakes with fluid brakes and racing pads and floating discs and brake cooling. I would like to have the most specialized help in this area, since I cannot change the tires of 16 "although mine are Teal Dynamics with a special ET and this is a great limitation and I can not put parts that are not original of the production of Bmw Nor can I put calipers that need adapters, but I have to screw it directly to the E-36. I prefer aluminum clamps because weight reduction is very important.The options I found in Bmw are the following:


Bmw E31 850Csi or E34 M5 3.8 Aluminum clamps 34112227115/6

Bmw E31 840Ci Steel Tweezers 34111161177/8

Bmw E24 M635Csi or M6 34112225002/3

Bmw E38 730i 34111163757/8


The questions I have are the following: can the E31 850Csi or M5 calipers be equipped with my 16 "rim? Are the E31 840Ci calipers updated to the M3 E36 brakes for 24-hour runs? I have read that for this option you should use a 17 "wheel, but with wheels of different ETs or with spacers, could it be mounted on my 16" wheel?

Are E24 and E38 calibrators compatible without adapters?


Would there be any choice of another brand of aluminum tweezers that would fit on e-36 brackets without adapters?


Thank you very much and I await your comments.

Bearbeitet von: Weiß-Blau-Fan-Rude am 13.01.2020 um 19:04:46
There is no good solution with 16inch rims. Most E36M3 drive 17 or 18 inch Rims. Because you get tires in performance sizes to affordable prices. EG. 235/35/17 for rain tires. Or 265 wide Slicks for dry races. Even at less brake requiering tracks like the Nordschleife the stock brake is to small.
[img]https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=878513&stc=1&d=1579001772[/img]The solution would be to find some original BMW 4-piston aluminum brakes knowing that the M3 e36 originals can be put on my 16 "rim
Any ideas of other models? E-24, E38? E31?